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Ypsilanti Area Community Fund

Established in 2001, the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (YACF) is dedicated to building permanent endowment to enrich the quality of life in the Ypsilanti area.

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VP for Development
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The Ypsilanti area is full of a strong sense of community pride. Ypsi is where we live, work, and raise our families, and that is why we are committed to making it a better place for everyone.

Since its founding, YACF has awarded more than $1.4 million to support local students, community projects, and nonprofits. YACF awards more than $35,000 in competitive grants each year.

As a geographic affiliate fund of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, YACF benefits from AAACF's professional program staff, fund management and investment expertise. YACF holds a permanent endowment and proceeds from these investments are distributed as grants and scholarships that benefit the Ypsilanti community. Our growing permanent endowment means that we are here to meet the current and emerging needs of Ypsilanti—forever.

YACF Grantmaking Priorities:

YACF is committed to increasing the impact of our endowment, especially to meet the changing needs of Ypsilanti residents. As a result, YACF launched a new grantmaking focus to support collaborations with significant, renewable funding, based on outcomes. In 2018, YACF looks forward to sharing grant funding news. We believe every gift to YACF can help realize our new defined vision for impact:

Every family in the Ypsilanti area will thrive by gaining access to programs and services through collaborative partnerships across sectors that measurably increase health outcomes and educational attainment leading to economic well-being.

Beyond funding partnerships, YACF also celebrated partnerships at two packed gatherings in 2017. Read on about our partnerships and the exciting opportunities they present for the Ypsilanti area!

YACF Funds:

Community Impact Funds

  • Ypsilanti Area Community Fund
  • Stephen W. & Barbara J. Burke Fund
  • Gene & Margaret Butman Memorial Fund
  • Fran & Larry Doe Fund
  • Lynette M. Findley Fund
  • George & Judith Goodman Fund
  • Carolyn & John Kirkendall Fund
  • Donald and Nancie Loppnow Fund
  • McCracken-Warren Fund
  • Ed & Mary Jane McEachern Fund
  • Mary Esther Ross Miller Fund
  • Elaine & Dan Quirk Fund
  • Richard & Barbara Robb Fund
  • Karen Quinlan Valvo Fund
  • Roy & Cynthia Wilbanks Fund

Field of Interest

  • Marlene & John M. Barr Fund
  • Ypsilanti Area Beyer Memorial Health Fund

Donor Advised Funds

  • Marlene & John M. Barr Fund in Honor of Max and Viola Bielenberg
  • Fred & Maria Davis Family Fund
  • Bill French Memorial Fund
  • James R. & Anita Horne Jenkins Fund
  • William & Mary Kinley Fund
  • Lewis E. and Maxine M. Profit Memorial Fund

Nonprofit Endowment Funds

  • George M. Hull Memorial Fund | Supports The Corner Health Center, The Gilbert Residence, Hope Medical Clinic, and the University of Michigan Ypsilanti Health Center
  • Washtenaw Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
  • Ypsilanti District Library Endowment Fund
  • Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund
  • Ypsilanti Rutherford Pool Endowment Fund
  • Ypsilanti Historical Museum Endowment Fund

Scholarship Funds

  • Captain C. Robert Arvin Scholarship Fund

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